Lasers & Bubbles

Lasers & Bubbles  –  for just the Project Worksheet click here.

(* relative presentations (1) LB_20.Sep.2015mma and (2) Nikos_19.Sep.2015b


Ένα σχέδιο μαθήματος για τη Γενική & την Ειδική Αγωγή & Εκπαίδευση.

A teaching plan for typical & SEN students




Since 2009 we integrate “hands-on” activities with “low-cost” materials. Activities on exploring light’s behavior passing through different media (air, oils…) was carried out two years ago (2013) in classroom. This year we repeat and …“elevate” those activities, visiting the Laboratory Center of Natural Science of Serres (EKFE Serron) with the same five students, whom also carried out the experiments two years ago.

Our project combined 1.prior knowledge, 2.visit to a scientific lab, 3.self-motivated team-working students, exploring as researchers, describing as scientists, inquiring and explaining, 4.visiting & interacting with a museum’s apparatuses. The educational outcome is 5.stable knowledge about the core scientific ideas of atom, radiation and the interaction between them, 6.better relationship between teachers and students, 7.positive self-esteem of the students and 8.educational material.

The project’s approach is not a typical/common didactic approach to Hellenic Schools. As a teacher I saw my students acting, asking questions to trying and trying again and being happy. I succeed to integrate 9.the emotion component in learning [Ref.8], 10.cooperation and 11.consistency & continuity to teaching. All eleven points (superscripts) are objectives through to an effort for an inclusive education.



atoms~stones analogy  or  how light …jumps! (link)

Draw how light must “jump” (like crossing a river) over the atoms (stones).


* You can use the following educational objects on diffraction from or PhET and …enjoy the analogy with Takeshi’s Castle (at 1:41) !





Metamemory. Prior every task, I was asking my students if the task was seemed difficult (or not) and why. After the task I was asking if the task indeed was difficult or not. The objective was to monitor the learning procedure through Ease  of  Learning (EOL) judgments.

Oscillations. During the implementation I adjusted two strings with masses and I pulled them downwards. My students asked me “What about this strings?” but I didn’t answered them until we left EKFE! Then – when they asked me again – I told them that there are two “kinds” of oscillations: energy oscillations (like visible light) & matter oscillations (like sound). The visualization and the capability of returning to the video I took, make that knowledge more stable, since that knowledge ….. More over we can use the oscillation demonstrating in .

* hey! a gif_wave!


Posters: The importance of the posters in Special Education is widely accepted. In this project, posters are not only …but also our visual note/textbook. So we sure took a lot of pictures using a camera and our smartphones.



* Finally, we visit the Heraclitus science museum (in the same building with EKFE) and we saw and touched didactical experimental apparatus nearly 100 years old!

Figure_2: The atom»river analogy

We summed up with one of the following educational objects on diffraction from or PhET and …enjoyed the analogy with Takeshi’s Castle (at 1:41). {BIS1&4&3}.

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** This teaching plan was presenter to the Inspiring Science Education Summer School 2015 (link) after Dr. Sof. Sotiriou‘s invitation (Head of R&D Departent @ 

Here is the presentation: Nikos_15VII2015a

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** see  International Year of Light site  &  the 100 Educational Activities about Light and Photonics !

** see The Story of Ligh site and How Do Chameleons Change Color




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