A …roadmap to Photosynthesis @Scientix from Scientix’s resources – and all the relevant links!

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A …roadmap to Astronomy @Scientix from Scientix’s resources – and all the relevant links!


♦ Find together the three (3) myths on Constellations from EUNAWE Project (separate resources at Scientix recourse search).


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♦ Interesting Tweets @scientix_eu:   MoM – Future materials in science education (link),  Warm physics in cold water (link),  Snowflakes (link),  GoLab Project (link),  RRI Tools (link#1, link#2 & link#3),  CoSN Report (link),  STEM Inspiration Award 2016 (link).

♦ Proud to be a Scientix 3 Ambassador. Scientix 3 Ambassadors [2016 – 2019] –link– are teachers willing to support the dissemination of Scientix and exchange of practices and knowledge between all STEM education stakeholders. Scientix Ambassadors act on a voluntary basis, and are selected by European Schoolnet (EUN) – (link#1) (link#2)

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♦ Scientix Webinar “Professional Development for STEM Teachers – a teachers’ perspecti- ve” –  P, Argyri & N. Nerantzis| link1 | link2 | 19 Dec. 2016.

♦ I Teach Physics – A short article / post at Scientix Blog | link1 | link2 | 31 Aug 2016

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