4 EDU-ARCTIC 2019 post#1

4 EDU-ARCTIC 2019  post#1

shortlink http://bit.ly/2ZACOfD, see also post#2 here http://bit.ly/2ZzYWHi


We managed to engage almost 2/3 of our school’s pupils into creating educational posters based on material found in Polarperdia EDU-ARCTIC. Our pupils who were divided into groups of 4 or 5, produced over 40 such posters! The posters were the final product of the pupils second term project on which their final evaluation for the term was largely based. The whole implementation was possible due to the guidance and support of Nikolaos Nerantzis (Physicist in Special Education, Scientix 3 Greek Ambassador) and Venia Amiridou (English Teacher) who accepted the idea of assigning the particular project to all of her classes and also supported the “new thing” i.e. the posters being the “official term test” instead of a formal written test!

A big “THANK YOU” to the Association of Parents and Guardians of our School, since they supported the printing of all the posters !! (link, link)

#polarpedia #eduarctic #1stJuniorHigh #Thermi #scientix


C Class   



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B Class   



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A Class   



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posters’ original sizes can be found here (Dropbox Folder)



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