Tactile material 4 Solar System

Find here (or heretactile material (poster) for several Planets & Moons of our Solar System.

>> For our Solar System In Scale -> here at Our.Solar.System.In.Scale / Part_I and Part_II and Part_III folders

>> For the Terrestrial Planets:  Earth, Mars -> here  at Terrestrial.Planets.&.(Icy).Moons / Tactile folder

>> For the (Icy) Moons: Earth’s Moon, Jupiter’s moons (Io, Europa, Ganymedes, Callisto), Saturn’s moons (Titan, Enceladus) -> here at Terrestrial.Planets.&.(Icy).Moons / Tactile folder

_logo-rev3-pvf_treesign    pin-rev6-tactile

 These posters were created, as educational material, for the “Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL” project (see here and here) – funded and supported from IAU-OAD.

Project’s shortlink: http://bit.do/iau-oad-2017.