Tresure Map (2015)



The didactic approach presented here aims to motivate our students – at TEE & EPAL Eidikis Agogis (Serres) – participating in an outdoor activity integrating the use of Google Maps, QR codes & m-learning, Red-cyan 3D glasses, Compass. The activity is supported by a GoLab’s ILS and a worksheet. The prize is happiness & laughs – just before the exams!

This proposal is created in the context of the 2015’s GEOTHNK International Scenario Contest.

See here the pdf


here, the Worksheet(s)



here the ILS :      (put whatever nickname you like!)



Many thanx to the following colleagues for the implementation:

U. Adamidou (ΠΕο2), D. Klimentidi (ΠΕ06), E. Koutsogianni (ΠΕ18.03),

M. Savvidou (ΠΕ02), K. Theodosiadou (ΠΕ02)


and here: the rest !


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